Take our online webinar trainings to learn about what advocacy is and how you can do it. Not sure what advocacy really is? Nervous about meeting with your Senator? Have a story to share but not sure how to share it? Want to get others to join your cause? We’ll answer these questions and more in the NCCS Advocacy Training Series. Trouble viewing the videos?

 The Advocacy Continuum: Six Basic Skills to Help You Survive and Thrive — and Improve Cancer Care for Others (30 min.)

  • Definition of Advocacy
  • The Advocacy Continuum
  • Six Basic Skills for Action
  • Examples of Advocacy in Action
  • Next Steps and Resources

How to Hold an Effective Meeting with Your Legislator (49 min.)

  • Why Visits with Legislators Are Important
  • How to Prepare for Your Meeting
  • Do’s and Don’ts Before, During, and After Your Meeting
  • What to Say When Your Legislator Is Supportive (View Video)
  • What to Say When Your Legislator Is Not Supportive (View Video)
  • What to Say When Your Legislator Isn’t Familiar with Your Issue (View Video)
  • State and Local Visits
  • Resources for Preparing and for Getting Involved

The Media and the Message: How to Use the Media to Raise Awareness and Stir Action (36 min.)

  • Why sharing your story and opinions can promote your cause and stir other people to take action
  • What traditional and “new” media venues are and how your can use them
  • How you can shape your experience into a compelling and movtivating story
  • How to use new media to share your story and motivate otehrs
  • How to use traditional media to share your story and inform your community
  • How to connect with reporters

Building a Movement: How to Recruit Advocates to Your Cause (37 min.)

  • Understanding who you are and what you want at the core
  • The steps to activating and empowering people to take action
  • Sharing stories and inspiring passion
  • Ensuring Activism, not Slacktivism
  • Outreach methods – old and new

Survivorship Tools Across the Continuum (35 min.)

  • The Cancer Survival Toolbox®
  • NCCS Publications
  • Journey Forward
  • The Cancer AdvoKit℠
  • Cancerversary℠


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