CST_logoSolving Problems describes how to identify and follow the steps needed to solve a difficult situation in your life or daily activity. After listening to this Toolbox program, you will be better prepared to:



  • Identify and define the problem
  • Gather information
  • Plan your action
  • Carry out your plan
  • Evaluate your plan and make necessary changes

Download the Cancer Survival Toolbox Resource Booklet (PDF)


Hear survivors explain the importance of problem solving in surviving cancer. 

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Five Problem Solving Steps

Listen to Linda, an Oncology Social Worker, walk through the steps of problem solving. Learn useful questions to ask and how to turn problems into goals. 

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Survivor Stories: Fertility Issues

Hear Tom talk through the problem solving steps regarding possible infertility after his treatment for testicular cancer. 

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Survivor Stories: Talking To Family, Friends and Co-workers

Listen to Ellen talk through her concerns and determine the best ways to approach her family and coworkers about her diagnosis.  

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Survivor Stories: Cross-Cultural Issues

Hear Evelina talk through her treatment and concerns while taking her faith and family’s opinions into consideration. 

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Listen to a summary of what you’ve heard and be encouraged as you begin to tackle the problems that arise. 

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