CST_logoStanding Up for Your Rights means learning to actively do something in your own best interest. This is also known as self-advocacy. After listening to this Toolbox program, you will be better prepared to:


  • Feel more in control about your life
  • Build confidence to face challenges that seem too difficult to overcome
  • Reach out to others, such as asking to talk to someone who is in a situation similar to yours
  • Feel hopeful rather than hopeless and helpless

Download the Cancer Survival Toolbox Resource Booklet (PDF)


Hear Robert describe the meaning of survivorship and how integrating that term into your life will help you become a better advocate for your cancer care. 

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Listen to an oncology social worker explain the basis of self-advocacy. 

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Survivor Stories: Advocacy Skills

Hear survivors set goals and find ways to communicate their wants effectively. Learn the importance of asking for what you need and making deliberate plans to achieve your goals. 

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Survivor Stories: Getting a Second Opinion

Hear Felicia explain how asking for help and getting a second opinion can lead to being your own best advocate. 

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Survivor Stories: Dealing with Family Issues

Listen to Kathleen speak about how she found hope in her husband’s diagnosis. Learn tools to determine your family’s basis of hope and develop tools for staying hopeful. 

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Hear about more resources that can better prepare you as an advocate for you and your family. 

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