CST_logoThe goal of this program is to provide you as a person diagnosed with blood cancer—as well as your caregivers, family, and friends—with practical tools you can use in your daily life as you deal with issues surrounding transplants as a treatment. Living with Blood and Marrow Transplant, which was written by cancer survivors and healthcare professionals, can be helpful to individuals before, during and after transplant treatment.

After listening, you will better understand:

  • The different types of blood and marrow transplants and the process of each.
  • Common concerns and side effects
  • Coping with change
  • Information for caregivers


Hear from Daniel, a long-term survivor and oncology nurse practitioner, as he talks through his experience with blood and marrow transplantation. 

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What is a Transplant?

Hear an in depth explanation of the different types of blood and marrow transplants and the process of each. 

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Common Concerns

Listen in on a patient and family support group and hear from caregivers and patients alike about their struggles with blood and marrow transplants. 

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Before the Transplant

Listen to two patients’ consultations with their oncologist and hear their questions and concerns before they have their transplant treatment. 

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Concerns of Caregivers

Hear a caregivers’ support group talk through many difficulties those caring for transplant recipients may have. 

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After the Transplant

Listen as two survivors reflect on their experience with the transplant process and life after. 

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Longer-Term Considerations

Learn about some long-term side effects that can occur after transplant. Hear many survivors reflect on life after blood and marrow transplant. 

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Review some of the important points of this program and learn about some additional resources for living with blood and marrow transplants. 

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