CST_logoPeople who have no health insurance or have problems with their insurance face special barriers to getting quality cancer care. But, while finding care when you do not have insurance coverage is difficult, it is not impossible. If you need help paying for your medications, there are several options available. First, your state may have a pharmaceutical assistance program that will help you pay for the drugs you need. Also, most of the large drug companies have what is called an “Indigent Drug Program.” These programs help provide medications to people who cannot afford them. Individuals cannot apply directly for these programs. However, your doctor, nurse, or social worker can contact them and help get your drug costs covered. Contact your local or state department on aging to see if such a program is available in your state. In addition, contact Needy Meds for information about getting medications from pharmaceutical companies. The stories you will hear in this program offer hope and encouragement that insurance problems need not stand in the way of finding and getting good cancer care.

After listening to this Toolbox program, you will better understand:

  • The effect of insurance on cancer care
  • What to do when you have no insurance
  • Medicare benefits
  • Hospice care and how to evaluate it
  • Medicaid
  • Veterans Affairs benefits
  • Public and private community resources
  • Your life insurance
  • Private insurance and gaps in coverage
  • Getting and paying for prescription medicines
  • Federal laws and healthcare rights

Download the Cancer Survival Toolbox Resource Booklet (PDF)

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Hear survivors explain the insurance barriers they were faced with upon their diagnosis. 

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Health Insurance

Learn the basics of health insurance and what problems can arise. Hear how these problems can affect quality cancer care. 

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Survivor Stories: Insurance after Treatment

Listen to Robert explain the difficulties he had in finding insurance after he completed his treatment. 

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Survivor Stories: Being Uninsured

Learn how to utilize other resources if you are uninsured that can help pay for cancer care. 

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Survivor Stories: Medicare

Hear Nate, a cancer survivor, explain how he stood up for his rights and ensured that his treatment would follow Medicare guidelines and be covered. 

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Survivor Stories: Hospice

Listen to Arlene explain how Hospice has been beneficial for her life and financial burdens. 

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Survivor Stories: Medicaid

Learn the logistics of Medicaid and hear from Lydia, a cancer survivor, about her experience. 

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Survivor Stories: The VA

Hear about the U.S. Veterans Administration and who qualifies. Listen to Glenn’s story and how he received quality care with the help of the VA. 

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Survivor Stories: Viatical Settlements

Learn about viatical settlements and how life insurance policies may be helpful in covering cancer care costs. 

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Survivor Stories: Medical Expenses

Hear the steps that Cynthia, a cancer survivor, followed to succeed in finding ways to pay for her care. 

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Survivor Stories: Prescription Assistance

Learn about prescription drug assistance programs and how they can be beneficial for your quality of care. 

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Finally, learn of a few more resources and how to use them in finding ways to pay for your care.

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